Our History

With experience from boat building and racing boat construction since 1980, we are constantly looking for improvements and are constantly moving forward. Inspired by his father Christian Piehl, who successfully competed as National Champion over 100 races, the generational change took place in 2007 by his son Mario. Talent, perseverance and untiring ambition enabled him to develop his own success story in this sport. Unexpectedly, the team and family were held back by a tragic accident in 2008. After serious head injuries and long rehabilitation, the team returns to the race track in 2009 with newly developed material. However, the side effects of the accident are so massive that the team has to stop working in this sport at the end of 2012 with 6th place in the European Championship. Influenced by motorsport with invisible handicaps, the restoration of vintage cars promises new inspiration. Driven by this new inspiration and in retrospect of one’s own motorsport era, an automotive study becomes a new objective.

About us – Renovatio Mobility’s Community of Interest (ReMI)

Out of enthusiasm for motorsport, fascination with technology, passion for creativity, sympathy for elegance, in search of new projects and in particularly out of respect for the life story of Christian and Mario Piehl, “People who move” came together. From Previous, current and future sketches, studies and concepts relating to mobility will lead to new projects being created and brought to the streets. Our DNA combines all of that with honesty, credibility, reliability and empathy in mutual interaction. What counts is designing & realizing. True to the motto more. than cars. , the creative ReMI heads (called: Remi’s) are guaranteed to provide more surprises and objects of desire. Let us surprise you!

Contributors, partners and sponsors are welcome! Contact: contact@renovatio-mobilitys.com


The „RENOVATIO SL“ was born as more than just a vehicle. Primarily it’s therapy, communication, the connection of motorsport and the change of time. Vehicle lines that awaken nostalgic feelings, paired with modern technology. Not a copy, rather an own interpretation of resurerection to new splendour. First public appearances: Brought to the public by RTL2 presenter Matthias Malmedie from Grip Motormagazin, this unique piece of craftsmanship has been making its own history since 2020 and arouses public interest. Presentation at the Berlinale opening in 2020 in cooperation with Maritim Hotel following the dynamic with contributions in tuning and car magazines as well as the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, the vehicle will receive various awards until 2021 The Hornor “Crystal Award of Excellence” by Custom Legend John D’Agostino from the USA.

Public Appearances

Oldtimer Show Bestensee 2020

Oldtimer Show Paaren im Glien 2021

AMTS 2021 Budapest Car Show


RENOVATIO SL, described by the Club of Star Drivers as “Light in the Dark”, stands as a symbol for the integration of people with disabilities. With this in mind, we provide information on the subject of traumetic head injuries, its consequences and its possibilities at all our events.




Videos about Renovatio SL

Renovatio Mobilitys Interessengemeinschaft

Vertreten durch: Mario Piehl, Christian Piehl, Sören Mews

E-Mail: contact@renovatio-mobilitys.com

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